Next week, at the Econore Noisefest, the last album in the trilogy as daszwitscherndervoegel will be released on tape – “das letzte zwitschern – the last tweet”. It was a nice journey through the years and a great platform for me to develop different approaches to music, but I’m glad as well to close the chapter and move on to release and perform under my given name. A step which – as few years back – I never thought I would take.

Speaking of that, I am delighted to inform you, that before the end of the year I will release a limited CD-R, “Verrohung” with a small collection of selected solo improvisations I’ve done this year. Of course there will be a digital release via bandcamp as well.

So, a lot is going on, but the most exciting thing I haven’t even mentioned so far. I was honored to play as part of the Conducted ImproOrchestra two nights ago at Neu West Berlin with many great musicians, conducted by Tristan Honsinger and Emilio Gordoa. The concert was part of the Improviser Summit, a cultural exchange project between Germany and Denmark, curated by Mia Dyberg. In between all those horns, strings and cymbals, led/misled by the different set of gestures by Honsinger and Gordoa we created beautiful music and I was going through quite a lot of emotions while playing. Beyond the actual concert it was nice to meet other musicians, make connections and so on. There will be some music coming for sure.

That’s it for now. Deep citation will close this.

“I’m alive, vivo muito vivo feel the sound of music
Banging in my belly
Know that one day I must die                                                                                                                And nine out of ten movie stars make me cry, I’m alive”

Caetano Veloso – “Nine out of Ten”


I started using my old soundcloud account again and will upload some material from time to time. Fragments and so on – >

I’m constantly working on music these days, primarily in improvised contexts. Contact me for concerts, I’ll play (almost) anywhere – most of the times it bothers me to write to people and begging to play. But when I play I love it, almost too much. And I can announce that I’ll be contributing the music for a documentary by Mikko Linnemann on the upcoming Marx Year, the Kitsch around it – contrasted by contemporary marxist critique of political economy. I’m gonna have total freedom and be able to create the music while having the final cut in front of me. Although it will take some time until its realisation, I’m already excited to work on this with Mikko. Check his work here.

I was asked by Felix Riedel , a friend of mine who I got to know in Marburg on various occasions – through workshops, lectures, “psychotronische lounge” and so on, to do an interview for a weekly leftist print and online newspaper. I said yes and so we met in December (I’m dared to say: last Christmas) near Marburg in his home. After meeting his family we talked a couple of hours, along with some fine green tea. My first interview couldn’t have been more comfortable. Now the cooked down version is online, a lot of context missing (but 10.000 characters isn’t that much of course) – and the credits for the picture of me too. Raphael Kohl is the name of the photographer. Anyways, I’m glad I had the opportunity to speak about my music, some thoughts behind and around it and affiliations considering genres etc. German only – if you want to know more considering the content: Feel free to contact me.

So, good news: I could afford a used notebook, now cutting and editing (mostly just cutting) the material of the past months. The upcoming and last tape as daszwitscherndervoegel for Econore is almost done. As a small special I put up a track I recorded in Summer, the artist is absent . present in five interruptions. It’s for Oscillators, Filter, Spring Reverb, Delay and in one of the interruptions, samples of the Chiapaneca LP (bocianrecords) by Paal Nilssen-Love (I own nothing but this beautiful LP and a lot of respect for Paals work) are used. Due to upload restrictions on bandcamp the piece is uploaded in 2 parts. A taste of the drones I still worship. The upcoming last tape as daszwitscherndervoegel will contain some more drone based works but improvisations focused on other aspects of free music as well.


Well, as the sun sets earlier and earlier it’s time to write more. Maybe. Since my computer is broken for over half a year now, digital communication “and so on” (Žižek) is quite slow. Writing blogentries on a smartphone is not really appealing – and circumstances you all probably know forced me to go deeper into labour, so this is another point. Nonetheless I’ve recorded quite a lot of material over the past months and friends of mine finished some of my modules (troubleshooting etc.) – so my modular got a bit of an extension. Oh, and I played at a Poolparty with Günther Schlienz, organized by the kind Daniel Voigt – which was an unfogettable experience, no pictures where taken (luckily). Enough chitchat: Already at the beginning of the year it was quite clear to me that my project daszwitscherndervoegel is coming to an end. So some of the material I recorded will be released as the third and final tape – of course by the nice guys Julian Flemming and Markus Rademacher at Econore again! And still the stream of news isn’t about to end: I’ll be moving to Berlin at the end of next week with the ambition to work more on my improvisational experience, in the first place with other musicians, from electronic to acoustic instruments. So I’m very excited to move there again, meet some good friends, discuss, attending concerts, meeting new people – “and so on”. Oh, and food of course- “Mm… Food” (MF DOOM).

Oh, and here’s a nice picture my comrade and friend Raphael Kohl took this summer, in my room, working.




ästhetische Erfahrung 1)

I visited Berlin after some time again and went quite straight to a suberb concert of Richard Scott at Spektrum, which was the releaseshow of his new album “several circles” (highly recommended, out on CUSP). He’s one of those rare modularsynth players where you can actually hear and see the approach of playing with it like the instrument it is – using it to push music, sound and structure forward – beyond limitations. He works in the fields of improvisation and composition as well, collaborating with great musicans like Evan Parker (here are two excerpts).

ästhetische Erfahrung 2)

On the friday before I left I met Daniel Voigt (he also runs sicsictapes) at a concert he played in Marburg – we had a very pleasant evening/night and he told me about Marignal Consort, an improvisation collective from Japan, consisting of the four fluxus affiliated musicians Kazuo Imai, Tomonao Koshikawa, Kei Shii and Masami Tada. I wasn’t aware of them or their work, but after some research there was no doubt that I needed to see their first concert in Germany, which was supposed to last three hours straight and took place at Elisabethkirche. Here you can get an impression of their work in sound and video, for more words read this interview. The acoustic in the former church was overwhelming, with the four improvisers standing in each corner and the audience all across the room, moving around or just sitting and listening. I stayed the whole three hours – getting different impressions of the acoustic and of course coming to the limits of my concentration. After the concert I had troubles finding back to words and thinking outside of sounds.




digitale expansion.

I’ve just been working a bit on my internet appereances and adding social media to it.

for all future (physcial) releases concerning my music and maybe other material I set up a onlinestore:

Due to more reach and connectivity I decided to launch a social media site:

Feel free to contact me for concert enquiries, collabortaion wise (especially concerning contemporary improvisation) or questions related to music and theory. I also write essays, do introductions, lead discussions and hold lectures (only in german, so far) related to the wide and vague field of aesthetics, popculture and critical theory. Also a possible reason for contacting me.

Stay beautiful!