Next week, at the Econore Noisefest, the last album in the trilogy as daszwitscherndervoegel will be released on tape - "das letzte zwitschern - the last tweet". It was a nice journey through the years and a great platform for me to develop different approaches to music, but I'm glad as well to close the … Continue reading Neuigkeiten


I started using my old soundcloud account again and will upload some material from time to time. Fragments and so on - > I'm constantly working on music these days, primarily in improvised contexts. Contact me for concerts, I'll play (almost) anywhere - most of the times it bothers me to write to people and … Continue reading

I was asked by Felix Riedel , a friend of mine who I got to know in Marburg on various occasions - through workshops, lectures, "psychotronische lounge" and so on, to do an interview for a weekly leftist print and online newspaper. I said yes and so we met in December (I'm dared to say: … Continue reading

So, good news: I could afford a used notebook, now cutting and editing (mostly just cutting) the material of the past months. The upcoming and last tape as daszwitscherndervoegel for Econore is almost done. As a small special I put up a track I recorded in Summer, the artist is absent . present in five … Continue reading

Well, as the sun sets earlier and earlier it's time to write more. Maybe. Since my computer is broken for over half a year now, digital communication "and so on" (Žižek) is quite slow. Writing blogentries on a smartphone is not really appealing - and circumstances you all probably know forced me to go deeper … Continue reading

ästhetische Erfahrung 1) I visited Berlin after some time again and went quite straight to a suberb concert of Richard Scott at Spektrum, which was the releaseshow of his new album "several circles" (highly recommended, out on CUSP). He's one of those rare modularsynth players where you can actually hear and see the approach of … Continue reading