as daszwitscherndervoegel:

19.08.2016 with Günther Schlienz at OFFICE DU PAIN, Frankfurt a.M. (Germany)

27.05.2016 with Hexenschuss (NL) at Exzess, Frankfurt a.M. (Germany)

20.02.2016 with Data Shock; Bear Bones, lay low; Raune; la jungle at Econore Noise Fest, MIII Kunstverein Mönchengladbach e.V., Mönchengladbach (Germany)

29.08.2015 with DEL_F64.0 at LAS, Poznań (Poland)

21.08.2015 at MÓZG, Bydgoszcz (Poland)

29.05.2015 at trugschluss #sechs//Kratz, Marburg (Germany)

03.05.2015 with schorfpuhler, tetsuo at ConHanHop, Leipzig (Germany)

15.04.2015 with Arma Agharta at Bar:Noise//Trauma, Marburg (Germany)

07.02.2015 with Jeans Beast, licht-ung at Bar:Noise//Trauma, Marburg (Germany)